10 Reasons to Shop at Farmers Markets

Ten Reasons to Shop at Farmers Markets

1    Fresher Food

Farmers harvest  fruits and vegetables shortly before they arrive at the farmers market   Growers know that one of their greatest advantages over the supermarket is the fact that their produce is harvested only the day before or early that same morning.  Farmers make an effort to ensure only the best of the season is on sale making it all the more worthwhile to shop at farmers markets.

2    Seasonal Food

The best way to cook is to buy according to what is available in the season and there is not better barometer of that than the local farmers market  Get in synch with the season .

3    Socialize

Why not shop in an atmosphere where people are friendly and passionate about what they do?  The positive energy one get’s from a visit to the farmer’s market is worth the trip alone.  Here there are always people to talk to and stories being told.

4    Family Outing

Kids love to discover new things and the farmer’s marketing is teeming with an ever-changing mix of colorful farmed and unique handcrafted products.

5    Know Your Farmer

Eating healthy food is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves so why not meet the person who tends makes it.   Knowing the story behind an apple or carrot enriches your life and could be the beginning of a meaningful friendship.  

6    Support  Local Business
Buying directly from the farmer means that your money has a chance to positively impact the local community.  That farmer will purchase supplies and other materials from a local store where another community member is employed who buys their produce from the farmer.  Keep land in production by buying directly from a grower.
7    Encourage New Farmers
Farmers across the world are aging and the overall number is in steady decline. Regularly shopping at a farmers market is  a chance to directly support new generations of farmers.  Here there is a feeling of community and a sense of being connected to the people that create.

8    Use Less Packaging

Shopping at a farmers market puts you in the company of others trying to do better by using less packaging and what better way to start than by bringing your own bag.  If you don’t have one you will probably find one at the market.

9    Support  Entrepreneurs

Many farmers markets are about more than just produce – they are also the first place to sell for entrepreneurs.   This presents an opportunity to try new products and give important feedback to budding idea makers.  Change takes all of our efforts.

10   Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

Introducing frequent trips to the farmers market will shake up your shopping habits and open your eyes to a better way of living.  Your eating choices will begin to synchronize with the growing seasons.  The tastes, flavors and  freshness will amaze you and the knock-on effects  of making the right choices will over time make your life better.

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